Sunday, September 5, 2010

On a Sunday in September....

1800 hrs in the Studio here. Going over a few things. Deciding whether or not to jump into a recording process tonight. My last one was a bad experience. But it was a bad day in general .I really DO NOT want to go into it that's for sure.

Right now Neurosis is blaring from the stereo behind me. Waiting for Amanda to get out of work and pack for our trip in the morning. Going to The Seminole Hard Rock Casino on the other coast. The room was free so why not right? Just have to make sure everything is in order and what have you.

Nothing too interesting to report on. Work has been slow and annoying at times. I have been getting some music prepared for a split with Immure Recess. One song is already in the can. The working title is "Gestapo's Last Orgy." Another title I was thinking at the time (but will not use) was "Hitler's Slimy Mustache." Cute right?

Less than two months until the release of "The Sabbath of the Goat." So far a lot of positive responses from people I have played it for. The album itself is VERY loud. And if not correctly EQed in people's stereos might blow some speakers. I think instead of the warning over explicit lyrics (which people HAVE to expect from me) I am putting Warning: May blow your fucking speakers! NO LIE!

One last thing before I go. Charlie Christ is in production as we speak. In fact there are a few things musically in production as we speak. I will be sending off The first track in the next week to a guy from Stoner Witch's radio show. I think is where you can find it: . I am certain you will find a lot more of my stuff on there as time goes by.

Check out this guy's stuff. I have been watching Stoner Witch from a far for many years and they have yet to disappoint me.

Take care all.


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