Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Book by Frederick V. Hudach...

As we approach the 2 year anniversary of the Ohio Criminal Justice System putting (then) 33 year old Jason Getsy to death, by way of lethal injection, I found myself looking for more details about July 7, 1995. What I found was huge. Something I think needed to be done a long time ago to set the record straight once and for all. And while my head may have been planted firmly in my ass all those years ago, I still do remember bits and pieces (I had posted a few years ago and I had offended a few people I stay in contact with I removed the post for a myriad of reasons)and I will not speculate (in public) my thoughts on this case at all.

However Frederick V. Hudach did write a book about this case and I have to say from what I have read so far I am more than interested in purchasing this book. Reading this book put me right back to when I was 13, 14 years old. I even caught myself a few times with sweat in my palms feeling the wave of paranoia that crept over the city of Hubbard that hot summer day in July. Anyone who knows this case will be shocked, those who don't know this case SHOULD!

I'm bad at advertising for someone, BUT if any of the proceeds will help Ben Hudach, OR Richard McNulty's defense funds I'm all over it.

The link to buy Frederick's book called "Fear Did This!" The Ben Hudach story, on Amazon is here:

In other news I am also proud to announce here and now that Jason McBride (Immure Recess) and I have formed a new project (with a 1300 mile distance between us) called A Grave For Jason. We are putting our respective projects on hold to strictly focus on this album, and will be making no appearances otherwise or elsewhere without an A Grave For Jason shirt similar to the one Charlie Sheen wore when he decided to throw away his billion dollar a year job to make a shirt that said "Winning" on it. With that in mind, have a great evening.

Buy the book.