Monday, September 27, 2010

September 20, 2010 Acid House Slaughterama playlist...

Hello my little fucking minions here it is! The playlist from 9/20/2010.

The Beyond (Lucio Fulci) Intro
Discharge/ Final Bloodbath
The Swans/ Cop
Black Flag/ Slip It In
Eyehategod/ Sister Fucker pt. 1
Sunn O))/ It Took The Night To Believe
Eibon (2 tracks)/ Anti Climex/Mirror Soul Jesus
Celtic Frost/ The Usurper
Valhall/ Stonehead
Goblin/ L'alba dei morti viventi
Sleep/ The Druid
St. Vitus/ Dying Inside
Soilent Green/ Gagged Whore
Mayhem/ Chainsaw Gutsfuck
Neurosis/ Burn
Electric Wizard/ Vivium Sabbathi
Hellhammer/ Revelations of Doom
Darkthrone/ Skald Ov Satans Sol
Christ Inversion/ Obey the Will Of Hell
Pentagram/ Livin in a Rams Head
Coven/ Black Sabbath
Burzum/ Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

I will post tonight's playlist after the show. Thanks for listening!


A blast from the past...

Note: A little childish I know. But this was created amongst friends at one point. And I figured I would pass them on to some new ones. Enjoy...


How many times have YOU shit in one day? If you have gone 34 times WE strongly advise that you see your proctologist. This list was officially put together on the in 2006. This project has been in the works for roughly around six months now, and will continue to grow as our collective perverse minds come together in a state of unpredictable drunkeness as you come to expect from such individuals as The Heathen, FBJATNJMH,Bitch Pissin, The Haitian, and so on. Pass this along, but please understand that this information is copy written and for private amusement ONLY. Enjoy!

The Deucinary:

1. The Virgin Deuce
2. Massatwoshits
3. Deuce of Hazzard
4. Shit Quatro
5. Holy Deuce
6. Katmandeuce
7. Gene Simmons
8. Infinideuce
9. Fresh Deuce Of Bel Air
10. Deucefer
11. Deuce Almighty
12. Deucefix
13. 13th Deuce
14. Weak And Deuceless
15. Irresponsible Deuce Anthem
16. Hindeuce
17. Little Deuce On The Praire
18. Deuce Over Troubled Water
19. The Wretched
20. Supercalafradgelisticexpealideucious
21. Black Deuce
22. Deuce Gone WIld
23. Sedeuce
24. Gary Deucy
25. Nickeldeuce
26. Gone With The Deuce
27. Wet Hot American Deuce
28. Afrodeuciac
29. Deucie Chicks
30. Deucewitz
31. Saddam Deucain
32. O.J. Simpson
33. The black deuce grin
34. Dark side of the deuce

Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.

Monday, September 13, 2010

So fuck this week...

1400 hrs.
Sitting here at the house. Watching the president talk about the economy. I will decline comment and just stay out of a potential firestorm. Fact is I know what it is like to be broke. And there is no fucking way in HELL I would be able to tell the president in person the way I feel about this country. In fact I am certain there would probably be some law keeping me away from him. A dirt-bag like myself has no place being around an elitist such as Mr. Obama and those that he is surrounding himself with in Fairfax VA on this fine near summer's end day. I voted for him. And I am happy I did. Mccain would have been a bigger mistake I am sure. This country is indeed in some tough times. However there are those that should count their lucky fucking stars that they have what they have. Just remember it can all be taken away tomorrow.

Moving right along. I have been talking with the fine folks over at about putting up my own little radio show. I am finally seeing a website put together a damn fine roster of internet radio DJ's. It may happen, It may NOT happen. However I am putting together the playlist now and getting prepared for the possible task in hand. I pitched the show saying I would play metal, ambient black metal, REAL alternative, ad old school hardcore. Basically anything that I would love to hear on the radio! Will be my partner in crime on this little adventure. And I am certain that she will not be short of things to say people. I will post the playlist as we get closer to showtime. Or after. Don't know. Still tweaking it.

Lost a day off. Fucking hell! That is exactly what I needed. Oh well. It will throw me off my schedule but I don't care. It will be good for us.

Ok I'm off to the studio.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

On a Sunday in September....

1800 hrs in the Studio here. Going over a few things. Deciding whether or not to jump into a recording process tonight. My last one was a bad experience. But it was a bad day in general .I really DO NOT want to go into it that's for sure.

Right now Neurosis is blaring from the stereo behind me. Waiting for Amanda to get out of work and pack for our trip in the morning. Going to The Seminole Hard Rock Casino on the other coast. The room was free so why not right? Just have to make sure everything is in order and what have you.

Nothing too interesting to report on. Work has been slow and annoying at times. I have been getting some music prepared for a split with Immure Recess. One song is already in the can. The working title is "Gestapo's Last Orgy." Another title I was thinking at the time (but will not use) was "Hitler's Slimy Mustache." Cute right?

Less than two months until the release of "The Sabbath of the Goat." So far a lot of positive responses from people I have played it for. The album itself is VERY loud. And if not correctly EQed in people's stereos might blow some speakers. I think instead of the warning over explicit lyrics (which people HAVE to expect from me) I am putting Warning: May blow your fucking speakers! NO LIE!

One last thing before I go. Charlie Christ is in production as we speak. In fact there are a few things musically in production as we speak. I will be sending off The first track in the next week to a guy from Stoner Witch's radio show. I think is where you can find it: . I am certain you will find a lot more of my stuff on there as time goes by.

Check out this guy's stuff. I have been watching Stoner Witch from a far for many years and they have yet to disappoint me.

Take care all.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Quick update...

It is about 0200 hrs here in the studio and I am about to hit the sack. Had a short day at the office. Nothing much to speak of musically. Amanda and I ARE working on CC stuff. So look for that to hit your brain with furious psychedelia soon.

I know a lot of you must have watched the always entertaining, and ever medicated Glenn "I want my America to belong to GOD" Beck's speech at the footsteps of the Lincoln Memorial today. Marking the 47th (I believe) anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" Speech. Some thought it was distasteful and staged (what seemed to be) a counter protest, against Mr. Beck's speech. This shows me how how short of a memory we have as a country. How 65% of the populous was screaming for change because of a nakedly evasive administration hell bent on creating a middle east as they see fit. People don't seem to remember that we had an administration of draft dodging frat boys that in the face of war, and in the hours leading up to and around "Operation Shock and Awe" warned the people of Iraq to "not to destroy oil fields." And after obliterating the city of Baghdad and other surrounding areas changed the mission from "Operation Shock and Awe" to Operation Iraqi Liberation. O.I.L.!!! They couldn't have made it any clearer to me, and to anyone else that was truly paying attention.

Imagine a bunch of frat boys coming to your house for 8 years. Don't you think it would take just a little bit of time to clean up their mess? I AM NOT saying Barack Obama is the greatest president that we have ever had. And I am not saying that he will be able to fix all of our problems that we are facing in this country. We still need to honor and take care of our wounded vets returning from combat, we need to educate and make sure that our children our not going to bed at night starving. There are MANY problems that face this great nation of ours. We need to clean up this place and then get it through the heads of many that WE AS A COUNTRY HAVE NO FUCKING INTEREST IN NATION BUILDING! We can no longer stand beside countries that want nothing to do with us. I heard an interesting quote the other day; "Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity." We need to take care of our own before we can start to worry about everyone else.

That is it for now. I will be hitting the studio hard again this weekend trying to close the gap for a October 31 release date.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, August 23, 2010 site DOWN, and a few other things...

Hard to type today but I will try my best. Anyway I guess this will be the home base from here on out until the website is back up or a newer (read: cheaper) site is launched. Anyway I posted a facebook page for "The Sabbath of the Goat" (working title) release etc. Check it out. It will be up for a few weeks or so. Or I might just get paranoid and take it down. Who knows? Here is the link:!/pages/The-Sabbath-of-the-Goat/146493155372288

the website was taken down due to lack of funds. This month has been so fucked as far as money goes and I will go on record saying I just fucking hate August in Florida. It is NOT a good time to live here. Everyone you know is fucking broke because it is so slow business wise. The only people making money are grocery stores, gas stations, and drug dealers. Everyone needs food. Everyone needs gas. And everyone needs drugs to get through the crippling depression that August in Florida inevitably brings.

I started vocals about a week ago on the "solo effort." Fuck I hate that. I don't hate doing vocals, just the solo word. I spoke with a few friends yesterday about the prospect of doing live shows for the record. And the fact is I don't if I trust anyone to even do that. And that is a BIG problem people. There are not very many people around this area that are into that kind of music. Oh well. I do see it starting to catch on. Funny thing happened a few months ago when I was coming out of Best Buy. I was getting into the car when a guy pulled up and said "hey man if you like Down (which I do) check out my band!" I didn't check out his band but it told me that more Sludge and stoner-doom types are starting to infest this area. But the majority are still in that rut that if the song isn't a million miles an hour, chalk full of blast-beats, and "Corpsegrinder" & Cookie Monster style vocals that it is crap. Sure.

So as we move into the 8 o' clock hour I shall get my fat and trite ass out of this seat and into the studio to make some more musical history, but not until I give Mr. McBride a call back for a few words of the underground inspiration. I recorded my neighbor doing his thing last night. And I now realize how creepy that sounds. My neighbor asked me if he could lay some tracks down for his acoustic thing and I said sure. So in turn I missed calling Stacy back last night AS WELL. And while I am on the subject of Stacy I want to put out a link for his band Moonstation Burning, which is an amazing band from my native stomping grounds in Ohio. They are a phenomenal instrumental 4 piece that really bring the fucking doom. Simply put they make your band sound fucking weak and boring. Here is the link:!/pages/Moonstation-Burning/108184339239167?ref=ts

I have been watching A FUCK TON of movies lately. There is a great doc out called "Outfoxed." A lot of you have probably seen this already. If you haven't OR would like to view it again:
There you go.

I PROMISE I will post here more often, and that is one promise I'm going to have to keep seeing how the other site was taken down. If you have any questions feel free to submit them at


Monday, August 2, 2010

A post for the masses...

Hello friends. I know it has been a very long time since I have posted ANYTHING at all here and since I have some free time (17 days of free time to be exact) I figured I would do a little of that here and now.

First of all I know some of you that do read this have left comments for me to reach you. Whether it has to do with the case of Jason Getsy, my upcoming musical projects, or maybe you just wrote me off a long time ago and now you just want to catch up (I'm kidding of course) for old times sake. And while I am not really at great liberty to just hand out my phone number on the internet I will gladly provide my personal email address (one that I check everyday) and it is: .

I do not really frequent this site all that much considering I have my own website ( where you will find more frequent updates, news, etc. And while I really don't update the website all that much (even though I pay 15 dollars a month for it!) you will start to see more updates as the record I am working on becomes more of a tangible public media. You will find demos, complete tracks, and videos on there as well.

Another thing I would like to touch on for just a moment and I will leave you to surf the web at your will. This past July 3 marked the 4th anniversary of our good friend Matt's death. For the past 4 years I have always posted something in the memory of my best friend and band mate Matthew David Glover. If anyone was looking to find anything I had written or said about him and found nothing well your eyes were not deceiving you. Instead of mourning the loss of my friend this year I decided to celebrate his life. Remember the good times we shared, and tried desperately not to focus on the loss of such a great human being. Things have been said about him since his passing. Some good, some bad. And all I can say is that in life it's easy to kick a man when he is down. It's even easier when he is dead. The year previous Matt and I were accused of rape?!?! Well you know who you are. And you know what you said. And you (the friendless) are a fucking coward. And I will leave it at that.

Some say that the pain seems to lessen as the days, months, and years go by. I have not found that to be true. In some ways yes. I don't have the same dreams every night. And I don't water up in the eyes as his name is brought up in conversation all the time anymore either. However when I record a song, when there are good times to be had I catch myself looking to my left (or my right) to see if my right (or left) hand man to see if he is there still laughing with me at something so fucking ridiculous it would take a video camera and an hours worth of stupid footage to explain it all. I am not going to say "Oh he is here with us in spirit" etc... If you feel that way you are entitled to. And if that gets you through the tough times so be it. The unfortunate fact is that all that knew him have to wake up everyday knowing he is no longer a phone call away. I just hope that when he did cross over that he finally found some peace. He was a very tortured soul. But he made life a hell of a lot more interesting, and a HELL of a lot more enjoyable more often then not. Thanks for reading.


Monday, March 15, 2010

With all due respect...

I have nothing but respect for those who lay down their lives to protect ANY part of this great country of ours. They are true heros. However there are a FEW corrupt cops, politicians, etc that abuse the power bestowed upon them. Now I can only take the information here at face value and TRUST that the NDN has provided all the information it is allowed to release. EVERYONE deserves their day in court. Cop, Politician, civilian, etc. Corruption is everywhere people. This is not the first and this most certainly WILL NOT BE THE LAST!
I truly value the United States constitution. And love the fact that we live in a country where we do have civil rights. It took me a long time to respect authority and understand the laws of the land. I was a VERY misguided youth. I spent time in institutions etc. But there was a point in which I had to grow up and be a man. I'm NOT saying that these kids are STILL f-ups or anything of the sort. I do NOT know them. However the whole thing does sound strange, and deserves further research. I'm SICK AND TIRED of OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS paying the salaries of corrupt cops, politicians, banks, etc, and watch them (everyday mind you) walk away with a slap on the wrist. While a pot dealer or common user (I do NOT ADVOCATE marijuana use by the way)is treated like a "murderer." All this while "doctors" are prescribing large dosages of prescription drugs spreading the plague further and further, and this country plunges further and further into debt due to an unnecessary in Iraq, and on top of that bailing out large financial institutions, while the fat cats and corporate "big wigs" laugh it off with a cocktail somewhere in the Caribbean! I'm tired of it! Yet people like this keep their job even though the old "where there is smoke there is fire" trick proves there is an INFERNO corruption burning in our back yards friends and neighbors.OPEN YOUR EYES!What happened to this great country of ours? Are there that many complacent people working within our OWN LOCAL JUSTICE SYSTEM?!?! Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Hell they told you that on Dragnet!All I am really saying (among the hundreds of other things I have listed in my manifesto)is investigate further. Those who carry guns and are not stable folk are DANGEROUS!!!! Does anyone here know, or remember a guy by the name of Nathan Gale? If you don't know who he is (or you're just curious) google the name. Gale was a diagnosed and DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED EX MARINE that took the lives of 5 people at the Allrosa Villa night club including the life of Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott. If you don't know who he is (I'm sorry ahem) Dime was one of the greatest guitarists, musicians, and human beings on the face of the planet, senselessly killed by a former Marine with severe mental issues.I am not saying Mr. Roysden is another Nathan Gale. But who knows a man better than his woman? Think about it people. And never stop talking. Complacency equals mediocrity, and a world subdued by power. NOT what our founding fathers would have wanted. Jefferson is on my side.I'm not saying flip cops the bird finger every time one passes by. Because that guy or gal might just be the man or woman that saves your life, or saves your child's life.I look forward to maybe meeting you someday. Stay safe, be cool, and let's try to keep people coming back to our community so it can thrive in prosperity. Not go into the proverbial pot.

Thanks. Take care.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Usually when I am writing something like this with the ever so clever title "pathetic" I am usually refering to an old band mate, someone that has sued me, or more than likely someone I thought was a "friend" at one point but proved to eventually burn me.

No. Not today. This "brilliant" title refers to me. Yes the one and only.

It is no secret to my friends and family that I have been hooked on various substances,countless times, gotten sober, with various relapses. Believe me this is not really something I want to air publicly, OR have anyone else read. But I would be lying to say that because this is a "public blog" and No one should EVER have ANY trouble reading this what so ever. The truth is that it is more like an S.O.S..Maybe someone somewhere will red this and go "What the fuck is WRONG with this asshole?"

The truth is I have not accomplished ANYTHING with my life. I'm weak, a pathetic individual lower than the lowest you have EVER met in your life.

Currently it is 5:48. I am on a computer that I cannot afford to rent, in an apartment I can no longer afford. And also have some very, very, VERY fucking serious SERIOUS issue I have to deal with.

Dope sickness is not fun people. This is unlike any fucking nightmare you have ever faced in your entire lives. I am in pain. Serving time in a personal hell that I brought upon myself. The things that were interesting have become enemy.

Doing close to about 500 mg a DAY of A VERY SERIOUS opiate can ring any man to his knees. My mind EXTREMELY vulnerable. Barely able to type this out. Most people going through this require SERIOUS medical attention.

Sweating through multiple blankets. Nervousness, hot, cold, hot, cold. Masturbation pop off one nut in about 2 minutes flat. Pathetic. Rambling, crying UNCONTROLLABLE CRYING OOH GOD WHEN WILL TTHIS END?!!!???

Waiting until dawn to get more smokes. Watching videos of clean and strong people who have influenced me.

Embarrassed, ashamed, can't make a complete sentence without crying like a retarded child. Vomit. Smoke more. Ginger Ale. So much pain. Xanax. Out of commission. Will report more as I can...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Her heart's a blood stained egg. 1200hrs

I have taken a few weeks off from recording. Which is not exactly true. I'll explain:

Things have been a little hectic at the office here. And while I am reluctant to get into any personal details I will just tell you this; This is probably one of the most serious things I have had to face head on. But I refused to put my tail between my legs and run off like a scared little boy. I like to think that every challenge that has come my way I have faced with confidence and integrity (now there is a word I rarely use).

I have someone in my life I care for tremendously. She has stood by me and I stand by her.

I am by myself right now. The first time in a while really. I am thinking clearly and I feel good for the most part.

That is all I can go into. I'll post more later.

Jason R. Donnelly

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick post to check in and then off to bed... 0500hrs

Good morning to all. I have to make this quick because the prospect of sleep is really appealing to me at this hour. Big busy day ahead.

Had a very good day today. Mom came into town and it was a pleasure to see her. Amanda, my mother, my mother's friend Sheila, and I all went out for dinner as well.

I have been listening to the sequence for the new record (out April 20th) and I am quite proud of the work that has been done for it. This had always been my dream to handle everything from the playing to the ALL of the production. It is truly a dream come true. One of the things I tried to focus on was the sound of the guitars. It has been one hell of a journey, and it will most certainly be a bitter-sweet ending. I am really looking forward to the next adventure, but sad to see this come to an end all at the same time. I am currently looking for other musicians to play a handful of dates with this projects. As those become available they will be posted on the official site:

Which reminds me the pre-order sale has already started for the new record you can find that at the Siflatic Store. I have released a few "album teasers" for the public in general to listen to. However I have been reluctant to upload an entire song because of personal reasons.

I can say this though: THIS RECORD IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! I have put out a lot of music in the last few years and I can honestly say this is some of my favorite shit EVER!

The next project on the agenda is a project called Charlie Christ. This is a project Amanda and I started last year and we are expecting an October release date of an EP's worth of material AT LEAST. Which (funny enough) was the initial plan for PBM! but 4 songs turned into 6, and then 7, plus 3 demo tracks! You (the buyer) are definitely getting your money's worth. No bullshit! All killer, NO FILLER!

One last thing. I was supposed to be on the new Immure Recess album (The Dark Frontline) however I haven't received any tracks to lay down as of yet. I know there have been technical difficulties on McBride's end so hopefully my tracks on that album should see the light of day. I am still looking forward to working on the album. Let's hope that these issues get worked out soon.

Anyway that's about it on our end here at Siflatic headquarters, and Room 36 Studio. I believe February 23 we are dropping the first single from the record. Look for it, jam it out, and prepare for total destruction! Until then keep listening to Black Sabbath.

Hail Satan,
Jason R. Donnelly