Monday, September 27, 2010

A blast from the past...

Note: A little childish I know. But this was created amongst friends at one point. And I figured I would pass them on to some new ones. Enjoy...


How many times have YOU shit in one day? If you have gone 34 times WE strongly advise that you see your proctologist. This list was officially put together on the in 2006. This project has been in the works for roughly around six months now, and will continue to grow as our collective perverse minds come together in a state of unpredictable drunkeness as you come to expect from such individuals as The Heathen, FBJATNJMH,Bitch Pissin, The Haitian, and so on. Pass this along, but please understand that this information is copy written and for private amusement ONLY. Enjoy!

The Deucinary:

1. The Virgin Deuce
2. Massatwoshits
3. Deuce of Hazzard
4. Shit Quatro
5. Holy Deuce
6. Katmandeuce
7. Gene Simmons
8. Infinideuce
9. Fresh Deuce Of Bel Air
10. Deucefer
11. Deuce Almighty
12. Deucefix
13. 13th Deuce
14. Weak And Deuceless
15. Irresponsible Deuce Anthem
16. Hindeuce
17. Little Deuce On The Praire
18. Deuce Over Troubled Water
19. The Wretched
20. Supercalafradgelisticexpealideucious
21. Black Deuce
22. Deuce Gone WIld
23. Sedeuce
24. Gary Deucy
25. Nickeldeuce
26. Gone With The Deuce
27. Wet Hot American Deuce
28. Afrodeuciac
29. Deucie Chicks
30. Deucewitz
31. Saddam Deucain
32. O.J. Simpson
33. The black deuce grin
34. Dark side of the deuce

Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.

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