Monday, September 13, 2010

So fuck this week...

1400 hrs.
Sitting here at the house. Watching the president talk about the economy. I will decline comment and just stay out of a potential firestorm. Fact is I know what it is like to be broke. And there is no fucking way in HELL I would be able to tell the president in person the way I feel about this country. In fact I am certain there would probably be some law keeping me away from him. A dirt-bag like myself has no place being around an elitist such as Mr. Obama and those that he is surrounding himself with in Fairfax VA on this fine near summer's end day. I voted for him. And I am happy I did. Mccain would have been a bigger mistake I am sure. This country is indeed in some tough times. However there are those that should count their lucky fucking stars that they have what they have. Just remember it can all be taken away tomorrow.

Moving right along. I have been talking with the fine folks over at about putting up my own little radio show. I am finally seeing a website put together a damn fine roster of internet radio DJ's. It may happen, It may NOT happen. However I am putting together the playlist now and getting prepared for the possible task in hand. I pitched the show saying I would play metal, ambient black metal, REAL alternative, ad old school hardcore. Basically anything that I would love to hear on the radio! Will be my partner in crime on this little adventure. And I am certain that she will not be short of things to say people. I will post the playlist as we get closer to showtime. Or after. Don't know. Still tweaking it.

Lost a day off. Fucking hell! That is exactly what I needed. Oh well. It will throw me off my schedule but I don't care. It will be good for us.

Ok I'm off to the studio.

Thanks for reading.

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