Monday, August 23, 2010 site DOWN, and a few other things...

Hard to type today but I will try my best. Anyway I guess this will be the home base from here on out until the website is back up or a newer (read: cheaper) site is launched. Anyway I posted a facebook page for "The Sabbath of the Goat" (working title) release etc. Check it out. It will be up for a few weeks or so. Or I might just get paranoid and take it down. Who knows? Here is the link:!/pages/The-Sabbath-of-the-Goat/146493155372288

the website was taken down due to lack of funds. This month has been so fucked as far as money goes and I will go on record saying I just fucking hate August in Florida. It is NOT a good time to live here. Everyone you know is fucking broke because it is so slow business wise. The only people making money are grocery stores, gas stations, and drug dealers. Everyone needs food. Everyone needs gas. And everyone needs drugs to get through the crippling depression that August in Florida inevitably brings.

I started vocals about a week ago on the "solo effort." Fuck I hate that. I don't hate doing vocals, just the solo word. I spoke with a few friends yesterday about the prospect of doing live shows for the record. And the fact is I don't if I trust anyone to even do that. And that is a BIG problem people. There are not very many people around this area that are into that kind of music. Oh well. I do see it starting to catch on. Funny thing happened a few months ago when I was coming out of Best Buy. I was getting into the car when a guy pulled up and said "hey man if you like Down (which I do) check out my band!" I didn't check out his band but it told me that more Sludge and stoner-doom types are starting to infest this area. But the majority are still in that rut that if the song isn't a million miles an hour, chalk full of blast-beats, and "Corpsegrinder" & Cookie Monster style vocals that it is crap. Sure.

So as we move into the 8 o' clock hour I shall get my fat and trite ass out of this seat and into the studio to make some more musical history, but not until I give Mr. McBride a call back for a few words of the underground inspiration. I recorded my neighbor doing his thing last night. And I now realize how creepy that sounds. My neighbor asked me if he could lay some tracks down for his acoustic thing and I said sure. So in turn I missed calling Stacy back last night AS WELL. And while I am on the subject of Stacy I want to put out a link for his band Moonstation Burning, which is an amazing band from my native stomping grounds in Ohio. They are a phenomenal instrumental 4 piece that really bring the fucking doom. Simply put they make your band sound fucking weak and boring. Here is the link:!/pages/Moonstation-Burning/108184339239167?ref=ts

I have been watching A FUCK TON of movies lately. There is a great doc out called "Outfoxed." A lot of you have probably seen this already. If you haven't OR would like to view it again:
There you go.

I PROMISE I will post here more often, and that is one promise I'm going to have to keep seeing how the other site was taken down. If you have any questions feel free to submit them at


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