Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mixing writing etc...

Just finished a new mix for the AGFJ project. Newsworthy I know. McBride is working very hard to come up with the vocal melodies. The song is tentatively called "You are a mirror." There are about 3 MORE songs in the works with 1 complete, and the second about 95% done. This will be an amazing project. Nothing before AGFJ seems to make sense. This does. In it's most simple form. It just makes sense. So before I am killed for revealing too much information about this project I will leave you with that final thought. AND the fact that I am writing like a madman again.

I am preparing a new package of "Altomare." This album was finished March of this year. This album contained 8 tracks from a nearly 8 month long recording session. However there were A LOT of songs that were not used. I am hoping to put together Altomare with a bonus track in there. We'll see. There are also SEVERAL remixes, reworkings, etc that have been thoroughly ignored for quite some time. I have listened to several of the tracks (whilst LIVING in the studio) and they will become available soon. I see it in a re-release of Altomare, 2 ep's, and a split? I think all in all there were close to 30 songs recorded in that time. A lot of the stuff needs some finness, and some serious tweeking. But I can say for certain there is enough material mixed and ready to go for 2 ep's.

There is no excuse on why the album took so long, other than the fact that I wanted it perfect. And I believe that it is. I was also working on so many other things while making that album. In fact Amanda and I were talking the other day and we both concluded that the amount of material recorded with JUST other people could fill up an entire album. Most of it will see a release in some form. I am posting random tracks on

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