Thursday, October 8, 2009

god Damn... Home: 0300 hrs

What a day i had. I have been listening to Slayer for over 13 hours now. The day is winding down, and I have a very busy 2 weeks ahead of me.

Wanted to run a few things by everyone that doesn't read this.

The Pure Black Misanthropy EP should be ready by Spring 2010, or maybe sooner. Let's hope all goes well with that. That record will be the very first Siflatic publications/Records release. Now there might be a little confusion over that and I will put it in perspective here and now. A few of you (that read this) might remember the first "official" Immoral Habit album (Not For human Use 2005) having Sif 001 on the side of the CD. This is true, but not entirely. At that point Siflatic the label as whole was Nick Rogers, Zack Otton, and Myself. And when Nick left to do his own thing in Chicago, and Zack and I fell out of contact I was left to do it all by myself.

with that in mind anything that was put out up until now other people had a stake in. In some form or another. Everything that will be released from here on in, will be mine. It's harsh to say to some. However I will not re-release NFHU (2005) and a few other things due to potential legal confusion down the road. Plus there are quite a few sleeping dogs I would rather let sleep than awake one more time!

A few things I'll be putting out when the finances look better are:

1. Pure Black Misanthropy (self titled)
2. The Emaciated (last record)
3. Immoral habit (suicide for your amusement 2006)
4. Charlie Christ (debut EP)
5. The Emaciated (early demos)
6. Rivers Of Abscess (still NOT finished 6 song EP)
7. Immoral Habit (2001-2005 demos unreleased stuff various incarnations)
8. Immoral habit (final album)

As you may or may not know most of this stuff has been recorded already. Who will play on the final Habit record is undetermined as Kyle has made no attempt to contact me since August.

I will make more changes on this site as I feel the need to, as well as other sites.

If you would like to hear some of the so/so demo work for the new PBM record go to . I will add a link from this page soon.

As for me right now; my head is a fucking mess! Listening to Slayer ALL day WILL do that. I promise to start posting more stuff on here as much as I can. This site has been getting a lot of bad juju from a few irresponsible comments I made. Oh well. Hope that is over. Not a very good time.

Until next time. Thanks for reading,
Jason R. Donnelly