Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On Jason Getsy... R.I.P.


I need to make some adjustments. It came to my attention through a VERY good friend of mine (whom I haven't spoke to in nearly a decade thanks Ken) that some of the people that I named in this particular blog were hurt or offended by some of the things I had said. I SINCERELY apologize from the bottom of my heart. My intention was not to hurt anyone so I have decided to remove the story from this page and leave a headline like the media feels compelled to do. It has been a pleasure to reach out to many of the people I used to run with in my younger days. And I was extremely disheartened to find that something I wrote hurt them. I was simply putting out a story from the eyes of a 14 year old kid (at the time) and review the past and present as well. I most certainly look forward to catching up with a lot of you again. And as for the people who wrote in sharing their condolences, thank you to them as well. Getsy was a misunderstood kid who got caught up in the wrong group of people. I was only trying to write the things that I had seen in my youth AT THAT TIME, and bares no reflection of who you might be today, or my opinion of you today. In my mind we are ALL good, and damn fucking lucky that we ALL (with the exception of a few good people) made it out alive. I applaud your success' and your achievements as we stand today. I also hope their are no ill feelings about the content that was contained herein, and that was my reason for reducing this particular blog into a simple and convenient headline.

Let it be known I harbor no ill feelings toward ANYONE from my days in Hubbard as I consider ALL of you like an extended family to me. My intention was not to slander anyone in the blog for shock value or attention in any way shape or form. May you all continue to prosper in your lives and your families as well. My door is open anytime.

Also if anyone would like the facts of this case presented by the Trumbull County court system I invite you to check out this link http://www.sconet.state.oh.us:80/rod/docs/pdf/0/1998/1998-ohio-533.pdf This is the case presented by the state.

Jason R. Donnelly

Jason Getsy inmate#330 121 was pronounced dead today at 10:29 AM for the crime of murder in the first degree. The murder of Ann Serefino, and the attempted murder of her son Charles Serefino ran through my (then) hometown of Hubbard Ohio like the the fallout of a nuclear bomb. I remember it like it was yesterday.